ask box is currently closed but feel free to send a message! all right! sugawara hands you back your work, and you glance over your answers one more time. If you were a totally adorable innocent oblivious pure child part 1. after all, they hardly know anything about him. tendous conversing with the owner while toshis petting the dog. summary: kita tucks you in for the night with utmost care and love, ib: time adventure (song. Kei only stared. You've been trying to crack your neck all day," you said. "no i'm sorry for being so indecisive". I forgot about Hinata's study session." You called out excitedly to the figure lagging behind at a snail's pace, a clear difference between his reluctant trudging and your speedy yet lively skipping that openly expressed the enthusiasm and eagerness you . I would love to, Sou-kun! You whine, looking at him with displeasure. He stared at your mouth, lips moving languidly as you explained the math problem to him. you can find me on other social networks such as ig: hvliaaa, Could you do a scenario of Kuroo confessing to a girl (who's always nice to people but is pretty blunt in life) he liked for a while and she just answers 'No cause I think you're a f*uckboy scoring points' and then just thanking him and leaving. youd felt particularly needy for his touch that day, and came over to kenmas house with the intention of cuddling and watching some daytime tv. Hello there!! Koshi's lips parted and became dry, his breath hitched, and his body tensed. You cry out, your voice coming out shaky as your tears intensified, "II know that risks come with the job butI can't lose youyou can't just" Atsumu's eyes soften, a complete 180 to his usual demeanor, and gingerly cups your face in his hands, his thumbs gently wiping the tears from your cheeks. AKAASHI has a habit of gently squeezing your intertwined fingers, like the beat of a heart. Hi! shitted and farted at the same time. anon, i hope this provided you a bit of comfort. Since Ryu's bare back was to you, you hugged him from behind. Ever since your team competed against Shiratorizawa. "but shugo " you're cut off. Iwaizumi: Will casually look you in your eyes and tell you that your eyes are the prettiest he has ever seen. "you're so sweet." you find yourself saying once you get out into the hallway. . hes so popular with the girls, so theyre probably always telling him that they love him. methodjosh in jail; michigan land bank authority. Ive liked you for a while, too. He beamed with happiness as he pulled you in a suffocating hug. loves seeing you squirm and pant as you wait for what comes next, his kisses are always deep and passionate, but sometimes when youre cuddling, he likes to give small pecks around your face and down your neck, watching you dominate him is such a turn on; having you ride him is his favorite position, loves watching you at your peak and thinks youre the most beautiful thing on this earth. contains: fanfic tropes, only one bed trope, fake dating, "ooh you wanna kiss me so bad" trope, one pride and prejudice reference note: this is my first scenario/drabble for haikyuu or for this blog so im . He covered her face and rolled onto his stomach before curling into a ball. The managers and some members were already practicing, warming up by hitting some receives and stretching. You hear the distant clapping and hooting from his volleyball member but all you can think of was that this was reality and your longtime crush was actually making conversation with you as if this was a normal routine in his life. Today you were over at Daichi's house since it was a weekend and he didn't have practice. haikyuu boys as different tropes !. Today, was yet another day of understanding the rules of managing a team. he doesnt break eye contact for at least another few seconds, before he breaks out a smile. I love that boy! scenario with tsukki, kuroo, iwai, yams and suga aNGST where they get into a really really heated fight with their s/o and she like storms out and then it starts to get later and later in the day and soon its really dark and v v late and no one can find her and the guys start like lowkey freaking out or just how they would handle the situation? They take the hit straight on and are essentially buried beneath the rubble. but when you say it, theres so much passion in your eyes, and it sounds so natural, not rehearsed. Haikyuu Boyfriend Scenarios X Reader. characters: sakusa kiyoomi, akaashi keiji, kuroo tetsuro + fem reader SAKUSA KIYOOMI guilt rushes through sakusa when he hears your. baby, you in here? oikawa slides open your classroom door, eyes flickering around quickly in the hopes that hed find you here. When You Reference To A Vine (In Editing) Random Scenario (Part 1):The Picture He Relates You To. and you want to carry on talking, but oikawa doesnt need you to; the first three words were plenty. OSAMU has a habit of giving you a plate full of sliced fruits whenever an argument divides you two. Akaashi disappears into the kitchen to place a call and comes out a few seconds later with some water. Will drag you to sport activities with him, you can't escape, he knows exactly where you are. usually you would just laugh and turn away, but when he finally corners you, you scrunch your brows and reply that you think hes a whore just trying to get into her pants, leaving him agape. haikyuu boyfriend haikyuu headcannons haikyuu imagines haikyuu x reader haikyuu x y/n haikyuu x you haikyuu texts haikyuu!! "Look at us, matching and all," you say, pinching her cheek. and hes totally opening his eyes briefly to take in your beautiful features up close. If you're not then he wouldn't interact with you at the first place. Im-ah, Keiji, please, He hums and looks up at you with smokey eyes, and you could have came right then and there. It seems unforgiving when a good things ends. grinning ear to ear. He doesn't really care to much about personality but if you are a mean person he could never be with you. its still warm, though no longer seeping with steam. <3. "It's natural, I just-" You took another deep, calming breath. The two of you were going to study together for this week's finals. its my first time writing it though so I hope its not as horrible as I imagine it could be :p. You stare distractedly at the black ink adorning your forearm, tracing invisible circles with the tip of your ballpoint pen as the teacher prattles on about midterms and summer break. I know Ive been busy with Nationals coming up, but I was wondering if you would want to come to Nationals to watch me. You looked surprised, but smiled and nodded. You step back, but lose footing as you were standing on the stairs that led to the entrance of the gym. tendou, haikyuu, one. after all, he didnt seem to mind your harsh words and personality like the rest of the male species at the school. you can find me on other social networks such as ig: hvliaaa . yes please request kuroo head canons i love him so so much?? admin h: thanks love! "We need to go over this practice test." However, as you talked, Tobio's eyes remained on your perky rear and your arched back. After you scooted off his lap, you faintly laughed at his red face. TERUSHIMA fucks around with the little kids by toying with his piercing. you absolutely can! You're making me lose focus!" <3 i also saw . The doorbell rang; we cant just leave the poor guy out there now, can we? your ex is actually intimidated for a sec LMAO. sometimes he drums to the beat of a love song probably something that reminds him of you. When you opened up one of the doors, which Shoyo leaning against and staring out of the window part, he fell forward and landed on the ground. (by the way if anyone was wondering, Im applying for college this year but I graduated already and took a gap year bc Im studying in japan), anyways thats my thank you and apology for now. Wakatoshi Ushijima: I feel like he would want a taller person.Like someone above 5'5. Im so sorry this is so late! Cement and rubble fall down onto the first floor heading straight for a family with two small children. Oikawa voice gets a little louder this time around and his face visibly darkens. You are looking : haikyuu boyfriend scenarios when you turn him on You wave back, and twine hands with your boyfriend. You notice the other first year-Yamaguchi-kun-hit the receive from Tsukishima-kun awkwardly, resulting in the ball falling right towards you. I just didnt have the time, but next time Ill make sure to write it out thoroughly! if youre the type to moan or grunt as you do it, then theres no saving this man. decides to be the "manly" person that he is and confidently (not really) approaches your ex. I like you, a lot, you blurt out, unable to handle holding it in for any longer. scenarios FollowNew post AboutAppsLegalPrivacy It's time to try Tumblr You'llneverbeboredagain. he pulls just to sneak in kisses all over your skin. he seeks a shooting star everytime and makes the same wish over, and over again. its a constant that youre unaware of, yet you snugle up to him even more to rid of whatever worries he may have. Your world stops and you gasp from the sudden proximity of this boy and those words. not long goes by after that, when you decide that its time to stop playing around. "More than enough, but I accept," you laughed. Im really glad you like volleyball, too! They Find Out You Take Drugs part 2. CARVALLE: School of Supernaturals [BxB] 18+. bf!akaashi hc. He speaks quietly under his breath placing his forehead against hers. Read that question again. Today, you were using your free time to relax and ease your tension of an upcoming game. - forehead kisses are his religion no matter what the circumstances theres a forehead kiss, he loves giving them to you especially when he's hugging you. After he lifted his head to peek at you, you were eating off his tray. Being suna's deskmate wasn't exactly fun, especially since you're close to him. this was the third game, and you were on the third and final lap of Mario Kart. but oikawa isnt stupid, he knows that theyre confusing love for attraction. Daichi nodded before you cupped his cheeks and pulled him in for a kiss. Man, I was wondering what kind of person points out someones height on their first meeting, but youre cute! Your normally calm facade breaks and you turn as red as Hitoka-chan gets when shes flustered or around intimidating guys. Check out my Akatsuki and Naruto scenarios as well. Ryu froze. You saw Reiji standing at the end of the bed with a tray. when you called for him, he came in curiously, ready to help his lover with anything; but then you began to question him going out everyday; he shrugged it off at first, saying he could do what he wanted and it should be fine; you argued back with him about it, causing him to get angry with you It eases him when Lev is on his nerves. you have a great day too . You writhe under him and tug on the bedpost, wanting to be freed so you could grab onto him. he smiles at you, then to the stars; silently thanking them for granting his wish. nica @nicakenn Jan 5. haikyuu characters responding to / reacting to : them kissing someone else on new years while dating you - a short kuroo story. "I-I'm so sorry. kenma saw through your taunting tactic, though he couldnt stop his lips from curling into a frown. You werent even sure what genre of good hands this fell under. a slow sigh that sounds like him marveling every inch of you. : Random. the complaint dies relatively quickly - kenmas kisses always had a mind blanking effect on you. Enjoy! You didn't see him there and waiting. You squeezed your thighs around his waist as you continued to smack your lips against his. He could see your bare thighs and your (f/c) underwear. warnings. everything about this makes him want to heartwarmingly melt into a puddle yet he keeps himself together just to whisper blossoms of love against your ear. you stand up, going to grab your bag on the floor when oikawa beats you to it. Thanks a lot! Not only that me and my sibling fought. haikyuu boyfriend scenarios when you turn him on tumblr Posted on July 8, 2021by makki, mattsun calls reader princess once, reader gets followed home, dog has a golden retriever in bokuto's part notes: im glad you liked the other one, and i hope you'll like this one as well! you try to escape his hold but he just pulls you closer giving you a passionate kiss looking down at you with a grin, he notices your miserable expression "am i boring or something that you're always on your phone?" When you opened up one of the doors, which Shoyo leaning against and staring out of the window part, he fell forward and landed on the ground. What kind of cruel joke was that?!" haikyuu scenarios and all the wonders. "Hah!" Could I please request some NSFW Kuroo headcanons on how he'd be with a shy, more vanilla-y girl? you asked. Daichi didn't hesitate to kiss you back, and that simple kiss ended up being a make-out. maybe the one where the first words will appear on their wrists when they talk for the first time? As in she has her own car and zero sense how much money she actually spends since daddy is always paying for everything. "Tobio! warnings. The heat, the light from the sun, and the goofball that was jumping up and down in his seat was blinding you. The team bid you 'goodbye' and 'stay safe' as they passed by . "My pick-up lines are great." Warnings: none boyfriend scenarios [1] [masterlist] daichi sawamura You were running late to your volleyball practice,"not again, not again! . you said that you think he's cool and that you look up to him in . "but i missed you . Thank you, my friend. - he's so sweet omfg he'd be the best i love<333. As you munched away on a few chips and mumbled to yourself on how ridiculous a question one, Koshi let his thoughts wander. its so weird he makes little comments about how small you are compared to him but you remind him everyones smaller than him so its him thats the weirdo and it ends up in a joking argument with tickles here and there, he wants to take it slow of course if you ask him, but you doubt his words so youre uneasy around him of course. "It kinda looks like your praying before you sacrifice or something." Thats amazing and I look forward to that, but we gotta tackle these problems first to pass the test before you go to practice., haikyuu scenarios and all the wonders. HOW TO REQUEST > Please give me a character and a scenario you want me to write about for a small one shot, and for a scenario like certain characters responding to something, give me the . like a puppy you think and laugh at the irony of it all. "then tell me," his gaze softens as he shuffles to face you. (Maybe something stupid but cute ?) He continued his ministrations, as you slowly break. Shiratorizawa high. is it my but levs lips meet yours before you could drag yourself deeper into your pool of insecurities. that was until kenma invited you to one of their practice games and told you just watch Kuro; and then make your judgments about him after that, okay. "Um! neck and shoulders littered with kisses, you have no choice but to put a pause on your writing. "That is enough, right?" teehee (I set it up so she at least had a reason to receive such extravagant items), hi! | Anime/Manga Fanfiction Romance Boyfriend Scenarios Headcannons. "Koshi," you mumbled. Hiiii~ Can I get an nsfw scenario with Akaashi where his s/o is sitting in his lap one day after practice and their just making out before she decides to get frisky and it just escalates to sexy time? As you started to open a bag of chips, the crinkling distracted Koshi from his reading of a passage. Summary: A collection of romantic scenarios from my tumblr (@haikyuu-bf-scenarios) about haikyuu. Though she knew the boys were dominant in her high school, Hadley was not expecting to be chosen an Transmigrated As The Mysterious Older Brother. but when he sees you already staring at him, taking in his beautiful features, god, could this day get any better? "Shoyo, what's going on with you?" jiyi-jiyi Brothers when they see Mammon holding a slipper Lucifer He immediately puts down his pen, he goes to change into his pyjamas and prepare for bed. Ill order some food, Akaashi mumbles as he flings the door open and leads you in. You also can see some of the symbols below. . See a recent post on Tumblr from @haikyuu-bf-scenarios about haikyuu boyfriend scenarios. Thanks!! bracelets are childish, he had said. Very slow updates, will be posted on tumblr first, and then here. When he screamed that, you and everyone in the room became embarrassed. 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