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What Are Test Closure Activities? Evaluating Exit Criteria and Reporting

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Automation tools like Testsigma have revolutionized the process of preparing test closure reports. These tools enable the QA team to generate custom reports effortlessly with just a click. Testsigma’s amazing features offer flexibility, accuracy, and rich insights, helping teams to make data-driven decisions. Here’s a quick test closure report example demonstrating how to export your run results, as a test report, in Testsigma. It summarizes the testing activities and recommendations of a software testing project. Furthermore, it enables them to make relevant decisions about software quality.

Test improvement areas are the aspects of the testing process that can be enhanced or optimized to achieve better quality, efficiency, or effectiveness. These areas can be identified by analyzing test metrics, comparing expected and actual outcomes, conducting root cause analysis of defects and issues, and gathering feedback from stakeholders and customers. By using these areas to identify gaps and weaknesses in the testing process, corrective and preventive actions can be proposed for future projects.

Test Prioritization Criteria

If bugs are reported then it is reverted back to development team for correction and retesting will be performed. In an Ideal world, you will not enter the next stage until the exit criteria for the previous stage is met. So for this tutorial, we will focus on activities and deliverables for the different stages in STLC life cycle. These test closure activities are performed when the testing phase is completed.

  • Then the QA team starts the development process of test cases for individual units.
  • Sets of manual as well as automated regression tests must be recorded and passed on to the system maintenance team.
  • In this activity, the team lead or manager ensures that all test work, including test cases, plans, and strategies, has been completed without any deletions.
  • Any test data, configurations, or setups used during testing are removed or reset.
  • You should also include graphs, charts, or tables to visualize the test results and trends, and compare them with the expected outcomes and benchmarks.
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The Test Closure Report plays an important role in ensuring the success of testing projects. It documents the testing process and gives valuable insights into the test executions and performance of the software. The report also helps evaluate the software’s quality, make data-driven decisions, and identify areas of improvement for future projects. The Test Closure Report is an important document in agile software development. We should prioritize this document as it helps find problems and understand the quality and status of the product before it is released, considers diverse opinions, and gives a transparent view of the testing process.

Defect Tracking

All known bugs must be corrected, deferred, or acknowledged to be permanent limitations. After test execution phase is declared finished, the important outputs should be captured for archiving or conveying to the concerned person. Tutorials Point is a leading Ed Tech company striving to provide the best learning material on technical and non-technical subjects.

This documentation is valuable for future reference and aids in knowledge transfer, troubleshooting, and regression testing. These activities help in identifying any remaining defects or bugs in the software. By reviewing the test results, testers ensure all the identified deficiencies are resolved. In that case, these test closure activities are crucial in determining and closing these defects. The information encourages collaboration and transparency by considering diverse opinions.

ISTQB Advanced Level Test Manager Study Material

These discussions focus on ensuring that good processes are repeated and poor ones are eliminated in future. Rate of reports and their depth depends upon the project as well as the organization. Both these factors should be discussed during test planning after talks with the concerned project stakeholders. Right from test analysis phase to execution, through design and implementation, Test Manager must ascertain that the information is being provided by the team members in a correct and timely way. Whether you’re a seasoned tester or new to the field, this guide provides the step-by-step process of crafting a concise and informative test closure report. These closure reports communicate your testing efforts’ results, challenges, and recommendations.

test closure

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Report the test summary and status

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It is after the preparation of this report as well as after the release of the software, that the test closure activities are performed. The objective of performing these activities is to determine the actual outcomes and the impact of various testing activities executed on the software to ensure its quality. Moreover, it helps discern the facts and numbers about the testing activities performed during project cycle. A test closure checklist is a valuable tool to review and verify the completion and quality of testing activities, deliverables, and artifacts. It can also be used to assess test metrics such as defect density, test coverage, test effectiveness, and test efficiency. The checklist should include items such as the test plan and strategy, test cases and scripts, test data and environment, test results and reports, defects and issues, tools and automation, documents and artifacts, feedback and satisfaction.

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It is important to note that test closure is not just about documenting the testing process, but also about ensuring that all relevant information is shared and any lessons learned are captured for future reference. The goal of test closure is to ensure that the software is ready for release and that the testing process has been conducted in an organized and efficient manner. The main goal of the STLC is to identify and document any defects or issues in the software application as early as possible in the development process.

test closure

It includes all the test data, such as test cases, test plans, test suites, and other testing-related information for future reference. With this report, the test insights are recovered, making reviewing the testing process easier and identifying improvement areas in future projects. In this blog, we’ll discuss the importance of a test closure report in the testing development life cycle and detailed steps involved in creating a Test Closure report. Test Closure is a document that provides a summary of all the tests covered during the software development lifecycle.

Implementation of Test Closure Report

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